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This may be hard to believe but there was once a time when the internet existed without Google. Really! We can attest to this shocking fact because we were there. We’ve been in business since 1992, from the time when there was no Google, no cable, no fiber optics and no wi-fi for the internet! Back then SEO (search engine optimization) was just revving up for search engines such as MSN (now Bing) and of course Many other engines followed; Some came and went; others disappeared. Then, in 1998, along came the mighty Google.

Google’s simple design and user interface and efficiency made them the search engine of choice; their popularity skyrocketed. Soon thereafter, they would be able to determine their own SEO law for the masses and anyone who was paying attention began searching for ways to optimize their websites, looking for ways to figure out how to get listed on Google so that their customers could find them. Google changed the world forever especially for businesses with websites, and SEO became a necessary commodity for your business’ website.

Has Google Noticed Your Atlanta Business?

google250Whether they have the power to make or break you, Google affects the survival of your business. Companies like yours need customers to be able to find you so your businesses grow and thrive. Just because you have a website, and it might even be beautiful, doesn’t mean anyone will see it. That is, unless you incorporate some SEO effort, and the best way to do that is to hire the experts in SEO. That’s where we come in.

We’ve been around since the beginning and have witnessed first hand the wild evolution of the internet. It has taken years but we now have a solid grasp on how things have worked in the past, how they work now and how they will work in the future in order to help you with your own business presence online.

Atlanta Business Helping Other Local Businesses

PTi International has a long history of creating award-winning interactive applications for web and stand-alone delivery for customers worldwide but more importantly, locally. As a company that combines technical expertise, design creativity and marketing savvy to produce efficient and effective eTools, our SEO efforts, marketing and customer education solutions are up-to-date, and always created with a plan, vision and anticipation of what will come tomorrow.

Atlanta SEO Company

Your business should ideally use a web design agency that also specializes in SEO so that your website receives the full reach and exposure it deserves, and that’s exactly what we do. Your business depends on the power of search engine optimization for its success, and we are more than happy to help you with that. We are dedicated to our work, our clients and our continuing understanding of the internet and its ever-changing growth.

Atlanta Business Helping International Businesses

Thanks to our international team of experts, we have been very succesful with helping overseas businesses such as organic cosmetics company styl’bio in France gaining organic trafic using white hat strategies and marketing content.

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