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What is Google Adwords?

For the inexperienced, Google Adsense is often confused with Google Adwords. To clarify, Adwords is part of Google Paid Advertising, whereas Adsense is an online network where webmasters can earn money selling “clicks” on ads or sponsored links.

adwordsWhat’s involved in setting up Adwords and how does timing of Adwords work?

A simple Adwords campaign involves several steps:

  • Step 1.    Create Adwords Campaign – using suggestions from your link agencies or your Adwords consultant catering to your subject and your budget.
  • Step 2.    Evaluation Period – This budget is used to generate sufficient statistical data during an initial period of time. One month, for example.
  • Step 3.    Adwords Campaign Optimization based on the results of Step 2 (using a new duration period).
  • Step 4.    Further Adjustment of Adwords Campaign based on the results of Step 3.

The competence of your Adwords agency to optimize your campaign at every step will be directly related to your resulting success.

Adwords analysis

Adwords – Is it Profitable?

This is the million dollar question! For most small to medium sized businesses that manage their own campaigns, Adwords is simply not profitable due to lack of expertise. Outcomes will change entirely once they find an experienced Adwords consultant to take the helm of the campaign. As soon as they turn to Adwords professionals who know the ins and outs of Adwords, companies begin to experience much more positive (and profitable) results.

Pay per clickAdwords management is sometimes confusing because “Ad” and “Awards” are mixed up in people’s minds, when in fact, they are actually speaking about “Adwords.” Managing a pay per click Adwords campaign is much more complicated than it seems. Consequently, managers and other decision-making executives think they can simply pull out their corporate credit cards, pay, set a list of keywords, and this magically attracts prospective customers causing money to pour in. This is NOT the case!

It is absolutely essential that you master and familiarize yourself with this platform and its endless subtleties in order to be able to effectively manage your campaigns and earn money from them. This being said, campaigns managed by search engine advertising (pay-per-click links) agency experts can be profitable, even very profitable in some cases: I’ve had clients return to me, then eventually they’re able to generate an ROI of 10:1. In other words, they begin earning 10 USD for every one $ spent. Advice from Google Adwords experts can help you earn enormous sums.

Pay per click

Before telling you, for example, that you’ll spend $1000 per month in Google Adwords advertising, make sure to seriously determine your real costs. If you are going to create and manage campaigns all by yourself, you’ll need to add the hourly fee for a salaried (or otherwise) worker who will monitor the relevance and rate of the evolution of your keywords. (I have clients with employees that do this in real-time, full-time!) Your total budget, thus, is not $1000 per month, but rather, $1000 PLUS the cost of an employee. The budget can hugely expand quickly, and I didn’t even count the cost of Adwords training (getting up to speed on the intricacies of Adwords management). For the novice, Adwords can be virtually an incomprehensible chaos of a mess if you’re not familiar with it.

In my opinion, it would be wise to split up your initial investment in two or three parts: 1) natural SEO (search engine optimization); 2) Facebook (or other) advertising; and, 3) pay-per-click ads via Google Adwords.Experts in adwords management

Manage Your Own Adwords Campaign?

If you are absolutely sure that you want to incorporate Adwords into your business model, I highly recommend that you hire an Adwords agency that will expertly manage the creation and optimization of your Adwords campaign. In order to choose and find the best agency partner, meaning the Adwords specialist who will help you and your company get off the ground, the most logical and effective method is by word-of-mouth. You might look for a local partner, for example, an Adwords agency in Atlanta, or in another city. This profession has been well-established for years, so certified Adwords experts can be found all over.

My Adwords Certification Diploma

Verify that your prospective SEO Adwords agency is also a certified Google Partner, which means they’ve been trained by Google “in-person.” This can serve as an additional gauge of competence for managing your campaign.

The certified agency can also offer advice and recommendations in e-marketing, which is another important element in your overall campaign. Know that an Adwords campaign is like a diesel engine: there is a significant period of time to “warm up” (several months, in general, are required before being able to effectively adjust and fine tune the campaign. So, to end up at a comfortable speed, be prepared to take a loss during the initial months before reaching positive figures).

Quotes/Estimates for Creating Your Adwords Campaign

For a while now, I’ve used my french certification (image above), as proof of expertise. I also got trained with one of the top 3 French certified Adwords Agency : Yateo Interactive. If you require an Adwords specialist, I can offer to take charge of the creation of your Google Advertising campaign, or the management of your already existing Adwords campaign. If you prefer to use another certified Adwords agency, feel free to leave me a message, and I can recommend competent people in your city or area.

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AdWords Agency Atlanta : Experts In Pay Per Click Management
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