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Push The Right Buttons

The smallest details on your website that you might consider unimportant, can actually make or break you in the world of search engine optimization. In other words, when planning and laying out your web design, make sure to pay close attention to each and every element of your business web site, online store or blog.

When a person peruses a website, the majority of readers scan a page with their eyes and stop at what might interest them or if they see text or a headline that looks fascinating or interesting. So, if you’ve caught your readers’ attention and they like what they read and see, an important factor in spreading your word, is the use of social networking buttons.

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These days, practically everyone we know has an account with Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Imgur, etc., and the way they share articles, photos, videos and ideas is through these social networking vehicles. When you have an easily accessible button, it makes it all more than simple to click on and share, and you do indeed want it to be shared! If you don’t make these buttons clearly visible, obviously there’s little chance your stuff won’t spread beyond your web page.

Be confident with yourself and your content, and anticipate that your readers will click on whichever social network/media button necessary to send it to someone else. If your buttons are clearly discernable, you won’t have a problem!