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Where Are Those SEO Tips For Real Estate Agents in Atlanta, Anyway?

SEO Tips For Real Estate Agents in Atlanta

Few people would argue against the fact that the internet changed the way companies do business today. If companies want to remain competitive and stay afloat, they have little choice but to consider online options. No longer are the brick-and-mortar shops able to simply rely on the old-fashioned way of attracting clientele. That is, to physically exist, pulling in customers as people notice them walking or driving by.

What Were Businesses Like Before The Internet?

Long before the internet, restaurants, shops and establishments could get by via cold calls, placing some small ads in the local papers, direct marketing or, if they were really good, by word-of-mouth. That may still be enough for some of the few, lucky businesses, but in large part, the internet has become THE marketing way for people to find you. It’s filled with public reviews, online newspaper articles, blog posts, Yelp listings, etc., that might have featured your business, driving traffic to your website, which likely brought people to your site. However, the most common way people locate your business is when they conduct search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.) queries to find what they happen to be looking for. In this case, you and your business.

Modern SHopping Center

The convenience of an online presence means that you wouldn’t be dependent necessarily on having an actual physical store front, and there would likely be a significant cost savings due to a drop in overhead. Modern technology beckons modern methods, so if you have noticed, many companies, previously tangible entities, have transitioned to a digital format. Since the dawning of the internet, a vast number of enterprises, in fact, prefer to launch their businesses exclusively online and the rate at which this trend is moving is incrementally increasing. That is one reason why more and more businesses are relying on websites to do business–and that is why SEO is so important.

We’ve mentioned time and time again, that if you have a business website, you need to prioritize some of your time on SEO (search engine optimization). It happens all of the time, unfortunately, but frequently, businesses assume that if they have a website, people will find them. Tsk, tsk. If, only! No, dear website owners, you may never show up on Google, ever, if you do not apply SEO to your website.

No Matter What Your Online Business, You Need SEO

Hardly any single business site, regardless of industry, goes unscathed without applying SEO techniques “behind-the-scenes.” This concerns online retail stores, artisans with sites, blogs selling consumables, basically everyone with a website; we’ll say it again: no matter what your online business is, you need SEO. And this applies to real estate agents, as well.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta, Real Estate and SEO

Atlanta, where SEO Company PTi Intl is headquartered, is a major, burgeoning metropolis in the United States. The greater metropolitan area of Atlanta, which includes the city center (Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead) and hundreds of defined neighborhood and districts, boasts a combined population of over 5 million residents. This number has been increasing and attracting an even more diverse population in an ever-changing cultural landscape. This combination of factors is ideal for real estate agents all over the Atlanta area as it creates a need for more and more housing. Lucky for the City of Atlanta that many of these house seekers are also property buyers, and who is best at finding property for them? Real estate agents!

real estate agent atlantaMany real estate agents operate from online portals instead of having their own website, giving them the freedom to have more time to dedicate to all things non-digital, but the more successful real estate agents launch their own websites, and have the websites optimized by SEO consultants or experts, of course. You see, the problem with agents using only the large portals is that they have no control of the traffic driven to their listings; they are dependent on someone else’s internet traffic and are basically at the mercy of the portals’ SEO, if they’re doing any at all, which they probably aren’t. And, by chance if they are doing SEO on their portal, do you think they are working for your best interest or theirs? Hint: not yours. When you have your own website, you are in control and if you’re placed well in search results, which drives web traffic your way, you will have much more demand for your services.

It took a while to get to these tips in this article, but I would be remiss if I did not first establish the requisite foundation of information. This was necessary to drive the most important points regarding implementing SEO in your business. Many agents already support our opinions but this article would very much benefit the real estate agents who could essentially use a push to better their businesses, and it’s also to appeal to the skeptical real estate agents that are…let’s just call them, “naysayers.” We hope, at least, the latter audience will consider these ideas. So, without further ado, here are the SEO tips for real estate agents in Atlanta:

  1. Find a Competent, Reliable SEO Consultant in Atlanta. This is absolutely essential. Even if you haven’t yet found someone to create your website (it is actually ideal that you start with a clean slate), you must first find the expert for search engine optimization. This is especially wise in order to set up your website properly from the beginning. If it’s already online and in place, you can still make the necessary corrections and tweaks if your webmaster is willing to cooperate with the SEO representative.
  2. Be Proactive With The Basics, At The Least. Your SEO guy or gal will know these SEO fundamentals down pat but you also need to take responsibility for being familiar with this specific information if you want to understand the “language” of SEO, be able to communicate intelligently with your consultant and most importantly, know what’s going on with your website and why certain results are taking place. Do not be the type of person who blindly leaves something important to someone else. Being completely “hands-off” is not the preferred way to a successful collaboration.
  3. Create Unique Content. This may be part of the basics but it doesn’t hurt to emphasize: do not use duplicate wording. It’s a very common practice in the real estate business to see the exact same descriptions for a property sprinkled all over different websites. This may be convenient but in terms of SEO, it’s a big no-no. Google frowns upon duplicate (there’s also an article on ActiveRain about this issue) content and if your website contains the exact house listing description that’s found on many different sites, for example, your site loses not only value but power. In Google’s world, this means your site’s ranking will drop. If it drops, you’ll have less web traffic, which means, of course, less visitors or no visitors at all. Writing original content takes time, we realize, which leads to number 4 below.
  4. Hire a Copywriter. Who has time to write all those unique descriptions? We highly recommend finding someone to write the content for you. A professional copywriter is trained to do this efficiently and it will be easy to find an excellent writer through your SEO expert. They know all the good ones! If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, think about it as an initial investment that will pay off in the end with your increased sales and commissions.

seo takes time

This is a last note worth mentioning to Atlanta’s real estate agents: SEO takes time, so patience is key, particularly in such a competitive industry. It is also something that needs to be addressed regularly, if not daily. There’s a certain amount of maintenance to your site that needs to be performed to not only get the good SEO juices working, but also, keep it powerful and positive once your site reaches the front page of Google. Leave all of these tasks to your go-to SEO person, and if you keep the faith in good SEO, you will not regret it!