Atlanta SEO Training : Help Your Website

Posted on October 8, 2015 in SEO, Training

Atlanta SEO Training : Help Your Website

It’s hard to imagine life without the internet, but now it’s here deeply imbedded into our lives and for better or worse, it’s probably here to stay. With the onset of the internet, many good things have happened, too many to list except one for the purposes of this article. Yes, because so many companies and individuals define their success via a website, it’s clearly impossible to continue without a strong effort to market these websites in order to be found. This 21st century phenomenon is, of course, SEO (search engine optimization). Without the internet SEO would not exist.

Thank goodness, indeed, for the internet, especially for us SEO consultants, experts, specialists, marketers and Adword professionals. Otherwise, we’d all be out of jobs!

How does a website get positionned ?

As we know, the secrets to getting listed in extremely favorable positions on search engines, especially Google, are just that: secrets. How does a website get positioned so that prospective clients can find them? These websites, if they’re savvy, summon the advice of SEO agencies, but the question remains: how do these SEO agencies acquire all of these aforementioned undisclosed search engine information? Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and other engines don’t reveal much information regarding their algorithms. They don’t want everyone to know ALL the guarded Google rules–or all hell will break loose on the internet!

trainingWhile Google does offer some tips to the public to help boost their websites, they covet many, many other factors that would ultimately be incredibly helpful for websites but alas, this is top secret. Not to worry, however! This is where good SEO people come in. Hire a reliable one and you websites should be in good standing. Now, how does the SEO community determine what a website needs to do to be able to strengthen their website position? The answer to this question is multifold:

  1. A Guessing Game – Since search engines hide this much sought after “internet gold” what’s an agency to do? Guess, of course. That being said, this is their area of expertise and their guesses will be educated, to say the least.
  2. Experimentation – Taking a tried-and-true method and applying it to today’s technology, SEO people try different things and watch what works. They see what doesn’t work in the process, which is also extremely useful. They cannot be afraid to try new things or they won’t figure out anything.
  3. Share — Apart from beg, borrow and steal, this is definitely the most sound choice. Not everyone in the SEO realm wants to share what they know with each other, but the good ones, contrary to popular belief, are wiling to share this valuable information. Why would they want to do this? Good faith practice pays in the end. Exchanging great ideas with the people in the industry can only be a positive situation. Besides, when one SEO agency helps another with the recent secrets discovered, a reciprocal gesture might enlighten the other. Everyone wins. This concept also applies to sharing with their clients.

When to get SEO Training ?

Once the SEO agencies are armed with the necessary information and tools, they can then offer their knowledge and services to companies desperately needing help with their websites. Nowadays, most companies have their own in-house SEO go-to person or department but these people aren’t always the most well informed in their area, despite their good intentions. That’s where SEO training comes in. Oftentimes, SEO agencies offer training seminars and courses to share their wisdom with companies and other website owners to get them off their internet feet, so-to-speak. The training can last anywhere from one hour to all day, or could even last a few days depending on the needs of the company.

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Finding the right training…

All companies need to do is find the right SEO training program and their website will most certainly benefit from the knowledge furnished; this benefit will emerge in the form of improved positioning per query on Google. These training programs can also help in-house personnel learn how to maintain constant positive SEO listings by conducting on-going SEO behind the scenes (website) maintenance. SEO is not something a company does once; it requires technical know-how and regular and daily maintenance is absolutely obligatory. Participating in an SEO training program can help companies learn everything they need to know to help their websites’ success.

Atlanta SEO Training

Atlanta Search engine optimization trainingPTi International is happy to offer SEO training programs in Atlanta that will thoroughly supply the SEO essentials for your website(s): the nuts ‘n bolts of what you need to do “under the hood,” how more people can find your site, bolstering the power of your internet presence, etc. Contact us so we can develop a custom-made training program that will help your company’s website increase visitors, improve conversion rate and position your website so it’s listed on the search results of Google’s first page.

Atlanta SEO Training : Help Your Website
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