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The Importance of Web Hosting in SEO

Not only does search engine optimization depend on the quality of the website, but what should be seriously deliberated is also the quality of the hosting.

Make sure your site is up!

Are you a cheapskate? Don’t be! When you try to save money by using a “budget” shared hosting, oftentimes it can result in sporadic down time of the website, which annoys, of course, a potential customer due to not having access to your web site, but it also annoys the Google bot! Google does not like sites that are down. That being said, they will give you several chances to recover from this situation because they fortunately understand that accidents do and will happen. Here at PTI, we have witnessed first-hand many sites lose rankings after too many instances of down time.

Web Hosting

Speed can improve SERP results

More often than not, a site that loads quickly will significantly rank better than a slow loading site. If your website targets a local market, make sure that people from that specific area can access your site as fast as possible. It’s known that when web sites react rapidly, user experience is much more rewarding and people tend to stay longer on the site. On the whole, Google takes this behavior plus a smaller bounce rate into consideration to determine your website rank accordingly.

Solutions to make your website faster

To make sure that your website responds fast, Google was kind enough to provide webmasters with tools such as Page Speed Insight :, it will give you a list of recommendations that you may find useful.

If your traffic is notably increasing (that’s good news!) you may have to switch from a shared hosting to a dedicated server or use services such as CDNs (Cloud Delivery Network) that will send the data from servers closer to the person surfing your website.

Migrating a big website can be a gargantuan challenge, can be tricky and must be done carefully. If you need assistance with this task, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can get you headed in the right direction!